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The Three Powers

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Book 3: The Sword of Feimhin now selling in paperback and kindle.

 *** US hardcover of The Tower of Bones now published. ***


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*** As colossal danger threatens the friends on Tir and Earth, within the Black Rose Jeremiah expands Penny's creativity to extraordinary levels in return for absolute obedience - but she is deeply disturbed at what this might lead to. *** 


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Dramatis personae from the Three Powers series.

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"A hundred thousand welcomes to my world of the imagination. . ."

"I write epic fantasy that is darkly, dangerously, spiritual in a deeper unworldly sense.  My stories are told in four linked novels, starting with The Snowmelt River, following on to The Tower of Bones and then The Sword of Feimhin.  The fourth book will be published in November 2015.  I should also explain that each novel is a story in itself, even though there is a powerful narrative core that runs through all of the books.  Thus you don't need to wait for the series to complete to enjoy each book in itself.  But I would strongly suggest that you read them in the right sequence. 

"I should also add that the books are different from anything you are likely to have read before.  If you visit some of the reviews, you will see that the reviewers say this - click here.  I was fortunate in the fact The Snowmelt River went to no 5 in the epic fantasy bestseller list on amazon Kindle.  

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"Welcome again to an epic adventure.  To find out more grab hold of the Fir Bolg battleaxe below. . . Good luck on your odyssey."

Artwork by Mark Salwowski