Write Your Own Fantasy Short Story



Author Frank P Ryan is combining forces with the renowned artist Mark Salwowski, to show young people in the UK and Ireland aged 12 - 19 how to write their own fantasy short story, and how to go about illustrating it.

In Ireland this is now the fulcrum of a teenage fantasy short story competition, organised by Real Events.  For more information go to one or other of these websites:

Real Events



Is it your dream to write your own fantasy short story?

If the answer is yes, go to www.swiftpublishers.com, where you can download a free magnificent booklet instructing you on how to write your own fantasy short story. 

In the UK Swift is offering practical assistance to schools who wish to use the fantasy short story booklet, with its background support from Frank and the artist, Mark Salwowski.  Interested schools or teachers can get in touch through the contact page at the Swift Publishers website.

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